Meet our 2020 Certificate Program Cohort!

Elizabeth headshot

Elizabeth Bogumil

"People & Parks: The pathways to health."

Thomas headshot

Thomas Dugger

Materials Science and Engineering
"Your next car will be plastic."


Nicole headshot

Nicole Harake

"The highs and lows of health: your story matters"

My headshot

My Hua

Environmental Toxicology
"What's in a vape? Linking flavors to adverse health effects"

Karin headshot

Karin Johnson

"Recruit globally. Innovate locally. Bring in international students."

Elena headshot

Elena Kozlova

Molecular, Cell, and Systems Biology
"Flame Retardants: Burning Social Bridges"

Yaqiong headshot

Yaqiong Li

Materials Science and Engineering
"Use solar wisely. Make life sunshine. Make world clean."

Tori headshot

Victoria McGruer

Environmental Toxicology
"How do you like your fish? Oiled?"

Grecia headshot

Grecia Perez

"Antiblackness embedded in hydraulic relations"



Aalekhya Reddam

Environmental Science
"Identify your toxic hitchhiker, one wristband at a time"


Vicente headshot

Vicente Robles

Mechanical Engineering
"Innocent Bubbles or Tiny Powerful Bubble Bombs?"

Heather headshot

Heather Salvador

Mechanical Engineering
"Help your car shed extra pounds with the magnesium diet!"

Priyanka headshot

Priyanka Singh

Chemical and Environmental Engineering
"Replacing petroleum: Emerging opportunities stemming from plants"


John Speigel

"Revealing how your brain stays 'Once Bitten, Once Shy.'"