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“If you have ideas, come pitch them to me. My door is always open!”
Jose Medina
CA Assemblymember
“I am amazed by the work that the Center for Science to Policy does to prepare students who are interested in working on legislation, and it was a real honor to host the first ever Science to Policy resident in my District Office. He applied his graduate training and skills in data analysis to help our office better visualize the impact of legislative projects — making sure we were working with hard facts. This is more than just an opportunity for students to receive hands-on experience — they are a tremendous asset to offices looking to produce meaningful results. I look forward to many more accomplishments from the Center for Science to Policy and its students.”
Mark Takano
CA Congressman
“I applaud the Center for Science to Policy at UC Riverside for providing a unique opportunity for graduate level students to form critical partnerships with policymakers and public policy experts. Policy decisions that are informed by science are vitally important to a more prosperous future.”
Sabrina Cervantes
CA Assemblymember